Webinar: How Your Defenses Affect Your Pricing

Do you ever worry that your prices are too low or too high? Or that there might not be enough people who will value what you offer? Or does it sometimes seem difficult to make the money you want to make in your industry or in this economy?

In my twelve years of helping businesses grow, I’ve found that the defensive mechanisms we have in place to protect ourselves from being hurt show up in our businesses, especially in our pricing structure.

This workshop will examine the different ways we hold money, our enoughness as entrepreneurs, and the value we provide to our clients, as well as the way we compare ourselves to our competition.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • The difference between resentment pricing, resonant pricing and idealized pricing.
  • The primary ways you protect yourself from others and how that could be affecting your business.
  • The main ways that your beliefs around money and your old wounding could be shaping your business decisions and prices.

Praise for my previous webinar on How Trauma Affects Your Website Content

“For those of you interested in this webinar I can not suggest it enough. Diane’s guidance and support around trauma and how it affects marketing has been a game changer for me.

It has made my marketing feel more authentic, easier, more fulfilling and more fun. I’ve started to be able to drop the judgement I have of myself and the fear of sharing my gifts with others. It has helped me articulate what it is I’m actually doing. Seriously, block some time out and attend this webinar.”

– Sarah Hodapp, CEO Discover Massage

Diane Whiddon

Diane Whiddon is the fearless leader and visionary behind Claiming Radiance. She’s built two other successful companies based on her love for the interwebs and the joy she finds in helping business owners grow their businesses.
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