Your Website: The Best Employee You’ll Ever Have

Your Website: The Best Employee You’ll Ever Have

Ever wish you could get more help and support in your business?

Have you been wanting to hiring an assistant, a PR firm,  a marketing coach or someone else who can help you grow your business, but there’s just no way you can because of the cost?  

There actually is a great employee who can build your business, bring in new clients, sell your products and establish your expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a weekwithout costing you thousands of dollars.  

And it’s not even that hard to get, if you know where to look ….


Seeking the Perfect Employee:

Job Description:

The perfect candidate will bring in my Right People–the people who will love working with me and be served by what I offer–and inspire them to develop a relationship with me and my business.


    • The Perfect Employee will attract more clients and customers without draining my business resources.  
    • They will take appointments, collect email addresses, provide information, sell products and whatever else fits the goals of my business.
    • They will clearly represent my company in alignment with my brand, mision and values so visitors know exactly what to expect from working with me, and can anticipate how their lives will change. 
    • They will, free of charge, both to me and my Right People, solve a some of my Right People’s problems (according to my work) so they are always establishing me as an expert and trustworthy guide for them.  
    • They will tell people the story of my business.
    • They will also work hard to repel my wrong people–the people who aren’t ready for my work and who will drain me and my company’s resources.  
    • They will always look professional and reflect the ‘feel’ of working with me.


They will be expected to work 24/7.  No sleeping, resting, vacations or downtime.


A mere $27 a month, with a signing bonus of $1,297 (cost of the website).

Sounds awesome, right?  

In fact, we think every website should be doing that for the business it represents.

Stop searching for the perfect employee and make sure your website is doing all it can for you. 

This is what we do. 

We help you get a great site that works, can grow with you, and is affordable, beautiful and effective.

That means you get to spend less time learning things that aren’t in your wheelhouse and more time creating, building your business, or spending time on you.

Do more of what you love.  Leave the website stuff to us.

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