Choose the Color Scheme for Your Website

Choose the Color Scheme for Your Website

Choosing the color scheme for your website can be really fun and can even include some surprises.  It’s always interesting to see what colors resonate with you.

Keep your brand in mind, but don’t doubt yourself:

I often find that people doubt their color scheme because they’re worried that their Right People won’t ‘get it’ or won’t be attracted by it.

Don’t worry too much about that.

Trust that your favorite colors resonate with you for a reason, and pick colors that you love and that you think show off your brand well.  It’s fun to be strategic, so feel free to put yourself in your Right Person’s shoes, but don’t do it at the expense of your preferences.

If you’re one of our website design clients:

If you’re one of our website clients, you’ll need to pick 4 to 5 colors that represent your brand.  Check out the color schemes below to see what feels good to you and might represent your brand well.  If you find one you like, just download it and send it to us when you get to that section in the questionnaire.  

For more color fun:

If you want to get even more creative, you can visit these two sites to play a bit more. You can upload images, pick different variations, and select certain colors.  Don’t get overwhelmed, though! If it’s easier to pick a color scheme below, please do that.

Note: I created all of these at the website.  Feel free to make a few of your own!

Color Schemes for Your Website:

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