About Diane

I have dedicated my career to providing affordable websites and online marketing strategies to small businesses.  Motivated by my admiration for entrepreneurs, I have learned a lot about how clear branding and effective marketing can make a huge difference in a small business owner’s bottom line, and therefore quality of life. 

Diane Whiddon is part of WordCamp DenverI started out in graphic design almost fifteen years ago, and grew into website design, SEO consulting, and eventually online marketing, and brand strategy.  I’ve helped many clients double and triple their income, and hundreds of small businesses get bigger. I’ve taken countless courses in marketing, tech knowledge, and the study of human behavior (which is all marketing really is).  

When I started doing website design about fifteen years ago, my work focused on how to tell a story through an online platform that would attract customers to my clients and inspire them to develop a relationship with them.  It focused on great content, good storytelling, and exceptional design.  

That naturally grew into my brand and business strategy work that focused on the business owner themselves, and how to create a business that was fun, successful and sustainable.  I found that the best way for a business to be successful was to give entrepreneurs more space and time to do the things they loved to do, and a chance to stop doing or outsource what they didn’t love.  

When I got the idea for Claiming Radiance, I knew there was a say to bring those two things together. I wanted to create exceptional websites that brought in business for my clients and took a huge marketing and tech burden off of my clients, giving them more time to do what they loved.  That’s what we’ve created here.   

The one thing I want you to know is that at the end of the day, you get to choose to do more of what you love to do.  Hire experts to support and advise you, but at the end of the day, trust the ideas that drop in and call to you, follow your heart’s desire in your business strategy, and don’t waste one single minute doing something in your business that you don’t want to do.  Stop offering it, or outsource it, so you can spend more time doing what you love.  Ultimately, that is the best recipe for success.  

About the Tech Team

With over 20 years experience building websites, our Tech Team,  headed up by  Walter Brown, has seen it all.  We have an extensive background in the code, databases, and designs that make up your website.  We know the HTML, CSS, PHP, SEO, and all the other other acronyms you don’t know and don’t want to learn.

Our Tech Team is your Tech Team!

Our goal is to support you, and your business…to be your Tech Team.  We want to make sure you aren’t alone in the implementation of new ideas as your business grows.

And, we’re just an email away! So, bring your questions, updates, and new business ideas to us…we’ll help you implement them with the knowledge and expertise needed for success!

What We Believe:

You don’t have to have a decade of marketing experience to have an effective, working website.  

You don’t have to be a tech or WordPress whiz, either.  

In fact, your passion alone for what you do should be enough to give you insight into your brand identity and content strategy as long as you’re guided and supported by experts.  

Actually, guidance on effective content, clear marketing strategy, and a complete brand assessment should be a part of any quality website design process.  

Finally, the entire process to create your website should be inspiring and fun (although it will surely be challenging), and it should give you an opportunity to play and be creative with your brand and message.

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