About Claiming Radiance

Claiming Radiance Brand Agency started as a way to teach business leaders how to tap into their soul’s intelligence for their business and marketing decisions.  

When they work with us, they undertake a process of self-discovery and clarity that leads them to better, more powerful business strategies, and a roadmap to their truest selves.  (Read: Success is the most fun when it’s done without compromise!

That helps them own and celebrate their magnificence in ways that allow for natural, empowered expansion. Then, they can take bigger risks, take up more space and serve in a bigger way than they thought possible. 

"You're amazing, so insightful, thank you!!!"
Joetta Johnson - Priestess of Finance
Joetta Johnson
Priestess of Finance

Our Tenets:

We look up. We are inspirational, hopeful, realistic and honest, and our brand reflects that.  We like sparkly stuff, messy stuff, joyful stuff, but above all, real stuff.

We water the plants. Our customer interactions are clear and prompt, and we act in the benefit of the client.  If we see that something needs to be done, we do it.  

We play. Because we are serious about the excellence we bring, we can afford to be silly and light in our delivery.  Frills, humor, and a touch of the ridiculous are all a part of how we expand our client’s perspectives and invite possibilities.

About the Team:

Diane Whiddon - CEO of Claiming Radiance


Diane Whiddon,

I’m a cis-gendered (meaning my gender identity is the same as my biologically assigned gender), able-bodied, feminist lesbian, tho I’m still getting used to that last word.  I’ve been gay all my life, but only realized it recently, so you may occasionally hear me occasionally declare, “I’m so gaayyy!”  while jumping around my office and dancing to the Indigo Girls.

I’m sure  it will pass in a decade or so.

And while my life hasn’t always been easy or clear, I’m becoming more and more grateful for my path that has somehow led me to this lovely career where I champion healers and creatives and their dreams because of my fierce belief that each of us–every single one of us–has magnificence to express and miracles to perform in this world, if only we can get clear on Who We Are.

My life-long oppression of my sexual orientation has led me to being super-passionate about the personal freedom and self-expression of everyone.  Queer or straight, my work is about shifting the patriarchal paradigm that runs through everything we do, but especially our business culture.

I loathe fear-based marketing tactics, transactional business models, and growth strategies based on competition.

Instead, I teach my clients how to market for their own joy and self-fulfillment, how to create and nurture relationships that continue to grow their businesses, and how to cooperate in partnerships that lead to more success for everyone.

Shine On with Claiming Radiance

Stephenie Zamora, WordPress Whisperer 

Stephenie Zamora has over a decade of experience helping companies build beautiful, effective, and strategic websites that significantly increase client’s revenue, sales, traffic, and conversions. 

She’s worked with major corporate brands, hospital chains, nonprofits, and small businesses, as well as hundreds of passionate solo-preneuers looking to make their mark in the world. 

Stephenie taught herself how to build custom WordPress website one tiny “I wonder what this will do” tweak at a time before learning how actually to code from some of the best front end engineers in the business.

Stephenie Zamora - WordPress Whisperer of Claiming Radiance


Shine On with Claiming Radiance
Christy Decatur - Possibilities Expert of Claiming Radiance


Christy Decatur,
Possibilities Expert

“Mom, what can be a boat for my doll?” My 4 year old asks a question like this 50 times a day. How I respond each time (and how she has learned to respond as well) sums up what I’m about.

“I have a good idea”

We rush around the house piecing together unconventional objects with painters tape and carabiners. We use purse straps and paper towel tubes and before you know it we have a boat.

This is how I’ve approached everything in my life. Event and wedding planning, acting, comedic improvisation, writing, business coaching, personal tragedies, motherhood, wife-hood, getting dressed in the morning… LIFE.

The problem is the way.

When we’re faced with a challenge there are gems hidden in the crisis and solving it with creativity and levity brings us closer to ourselves (or knowing when to NOT solve it by joyously leaving it behind because fuck it life is short).

I’m passionate about possibilities and making something out of nothing. I’ve done this first as a professional working actor and comedic improviser in NYC, as a wedding and event planner, and now as a wedding planning “coach” where I guide DIY couples through the many crisis they face on the road to the altar.

Throughout my professional life my business owner friends have called on me to help them jazz up that copy, name the new product, streamline a new workshop, choose the profile pic, and forever always brainstorm (or as I like to call them- idea parties). And so I wised up and started offering this as a service as well.

I am psyched to be teaming with Diane my long-time mentor, collaborator, friend, and fellow loud-talker. Claiming Radiance is the embodiment of everything I am passionate about. I want us all to own our gifts and claim our space in this world!

Now, what can I help you turn into a boat?

"I feel so trusting and safe with your recommendations."
Julie Tara
Julie Tara
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