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Success without Compromise!

What is holding you back?

We teach you how to build a business that is so aligned with who you are that your marketing strategy becomes obvious and easy.  

Our marketing strategies feel good because rather than focusing on convincing or coercing people, they are all about declaring and embodying the magnificence that you already are.

Marketing becomes simply talking about what you do with confidence.  Your natural gifts shine and growing your biz becomes fun and easy because you’re just expressing why you love what you do to the people you’re here to serve with it.

Diane Whiddon of Claming Radiance
Diane Whiddon at WordCamp Denver

About Diane

I loathe fear-based marketing tactics, transactional business models, and growth strategies based on competition.

Instead, I teach my clients how to market for their own joy and self-fulfillment, how to create and nurture relationships that continue to grow their businesses, and how to cooperate in partnerships that lead to more success for everyone.

Thoughts on marketing that feels good

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relax on window of cafe

Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs in Relationships

Sharing our lives with other entrepreneurs supports us, not just with practical advice and feedback, but because watching and listening to other entrepreneurs going through similar things supports our own choices and erodes the influence of other people in our lives who might not get it, especially when it comes to our work schedules. Don’t get me wrong, I encourage entrepreneurs to have a work/life balance because it is soooo easy to just continue sitting at the computer (or whatever) to keep

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James Cordon with Adele

Genius Ideas Live in Your Joy

So, James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke is exactly the kind of thing I’m always talking about when I tell you to create stuff. He’s just a talk show host, comedian and writer, right? But, the dude can also SING. And he clearly loves music, singers and songwriters. And I think his inner kid is totally geeking out at the idea of getting to sing in the car with some rock stars. He probably even got the idea driving to work one

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Ismo, Finnish comedian on Conan

You Don’t Have to Re-Create the Wheel to Be Successful

I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about ‘creating’ things and what that actually means. An easy way to sabotage ourselves is to think that it means we have to create something from scratch, but that’s rarely the case. Most of the time, whether you’re creating a class, or a product, or expanding your services, the point isn’t to come up with a brand new thing all your own, but to assimilate and organize information from someone else. That’s

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