Webinar: How Your Childhood Trauma Affects Your Website Content

If you're often asking yourself, "Why can't I just write the copy, put up the website, and launch the thing?!" I want you to know that the problem might not be what you think. It's definitely not that you're 'just not good with business,' broken, unfocused, undisciplined or anything else like that. It might simply be that you're past trauma is interfering in ways you wouldn't expect. When you go through repeated trauma, the language center of the brain can shut down completely. It's like, because you weren't allowed a say in what what happening, your brain began to surrender that skill. You literally lose the ability to create language and speak, particularly around things that declare boundaries. So, sitting…


How a History of Gaslighting Affects Your Marketing Language

In this era of fake news, “alternative facts,” and the courageous efforts of many marginalized groups to make their voices heard, it’s almost become a buzzword. We now know it’s a real thing--but it still affects us in lots of insidious ways. For several years, I’ve been noticing a trend in my work with clients: trauma from the past tends to surface whenever our work involves putting words to what they are offering the world. Over and over again, I’ve seen clients struggle with developing their marketing language.  I noticed it first in my website design clients, but it carried over to print work, and especially my branding work.  Clients would have a hard time writing basic homepage copy, and…


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