"You are also the first one to say, 'Feeling discouraged? Get used to it. Figure out how to rise above it – this is worth it but it’s not easy.' You say it with more kindness and I LOVE THIS about you."
Julia Sherman
Julia Sherman
Coach and Speaker

Brand and Marketing Strategy

Marketing is branding in action. Instead of sabotaging your marketing strategy with an foggy brand identity, let us help you design a powerful brand that will draw your Right People right to you.

Content Copywriting

Language is what attracts your people to you. It's how they recognize and choose you. Let us help you develop clear, compelling language that gets your more clients and customers. We write landing pages, website copy, social media profiles, bios, and just about anything else.

Logo and Website Design

Design only matters for two seconds, but it's a crucial two seconds. Bad design creates a sorry user experience and the back button is just too close. Stop losing clients and give them a great online experience with beautiful graphics, a coherent logo and stellar site organization. We design logos, landing pages, entire websites, and social media graphics.


First of all, congratulations. Finishing a book is amazing. Now, you need it out there. We design e-book covers, write author bios and Amazon author pages, and we code and publish your book, both digital and in print.

"Diane has this seemingly magical way of causing me to say the most potent thing I could say about my work without even trying very hard....In a very non-cookie cutter way, it ends up putting me in a frame of mind where I’m easily and enjoyably able to convey the essence of what I do. It actually becomes fun to market myself"
Lisa Hunter - Founder/Director of Sacred House
Lisa Hunter
Founder/Director of Sacred House
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