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Webinar: How Your Defenses Affect Your Pricing

Do you ever worry that your prices are too low or too high? Or that there might not be enough people who will value what you offer? Or does it sometimes seem difficult to make the money you want to make in your industry or in this economy? In my twelve years of helping businesses grow, I’ve found that the defensive mechanisms we have in place to protect ourselves from being hurt show up in our businesses, especially in our pricing structure. This workshop will examine the different ways we hold money, our enoughness as entrepreneurs, and the value we provide to our clients, as well as the way we compare ourselves to our competition. In this workshop you’ll learn: The difference between resentment pricing, resonant pricing and idealized pricing. The primary ways you protect yourself from others and how that could be affecting your business. The main ways that

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Webinar: How Your Childhood Trauma Affects Your Website Content

If you’re often asking yourself, “Why can’t I just write the copy, put up the website, and launch the thing?!” I want you to know that the problem might not be what you think. It’s definitely not that you’re ‘just not good with business,’ broken, unfocused, undisciplined or anything else like that. It might simply be that you’re past trauma is interfering in ways you wouldn’t expect. When you go through repeated trauma, the language center of the brain can shut down completely. It’s like, because you weren’t allowed a say in what what happening, your brain began to surrender that skill. You literally lose the ability to create language and speak, particularly around things that declare boundaries. So, sitting down and writing out the “features and benefits” of what you offer can feel both triggering and impossible, especially when you don’t understand why you’re struggling. I’ve spent over a

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FREE Webinar: Leading from Your Heart in Business

If you’ve been wanting to feel more ease and joy while running your business this year, join us as I host Dr. Amanda Hessel as gives a talk on how to lead from your heart in your business. In this free webinar, she will share how to run a business with your heart leading (instead of your head) and still be incredibly successful and more importantly fulfilled. She will talk about presence, surrender and joy in business, and will teach you a body-based technique that will help you find, feel and use your heart even when it seems to have disappeared in all the “should’s and “have to’s”. I personally cannot say enough about her work and how it has affected my life. I’m so looking forward to hosting her as she shares her take on business and heart-centered living in this webinar. Webinar will be approximately one hour followed

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"Diane has been the most influential ingredient in bringing my business to life. Her ability to pinpoint what has been in the way, and assist me in removing it, is uncanny."
Stef Swink
Stef Swink
Licensed Practitioner, Spiritual Adviser and Speaker
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